Peacekeepers for Ukraine? What Russia wants

What’s your view on the recent Russian proposal for the UN peacekeepers for Ukraine, would this help ? Moscow has dismissed similar proposals in the past, so is it a change of heart, what the motives of Kremlin are? Read few comments.

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What is the state of US-Russia relations?

It seems that the US-Russia relations under President Donald Trump are even more interesting, complicated, unclear (whether word we use) than expected. I know it is probably hard to say, but right now what does make sense to you in the US-Russia relations? Read few comments.

US Secretary of State is just visiting Moscow. Credit:

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NATO-Russia Council meets again, but the progress is little

Last meeting of NATO-Russia Council took place in December 2016 and today there is another one. So it seems at least the frequency of those meeting is higher. How do you read this, is something changing in NATO-Russia relations or not much, and why?  Read few comments.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Credit:

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Russia: What kind of approach the EU should/will take?

Read few comments.

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Dutch referendum: Future of EU and Ukraine at stake?

Ukraine–EU Association Agreement referendum will be held in the Netherland on April, 6.

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Irregular quote of the day

Lilia Shevtsova, Nonresident Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution.

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Did Juncker get too cozy with Russia?

EC President Juncker said that Russia had to make huge advances, but we must make efforts towards a practical relationship with Russia and that we can’t let our relationship with Russia be dictated by Washington. Do you think the mood in the EU may shift towards abolishing the sanctions against Russia? Read few comments.

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