The next UN Secretary-General will be a woman. (My guess)

It seems there is a strong movement towards having a woman as the next UN Secretary General. What do you think about this idea, and in general what should be the characteristics of any good UN Secretary General? Read few comments.

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Srebrenica genocide resolution was vetoed by Russia

As Srebrenica genocide resolution was vetoed by Russia, how important do you find this resolution? Russia is saying it would be divisive, UK says true reconciliation requires facing up to the realities of the past by all sides. Read few comments.

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MH-17’s UNSC resolution: Will it change anything?

Regarding MH-17 flight we have now UNSC resolution calling for independent international investigation. From the legal point of view how does this change the situation, if anyhow? Read few comments.

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Putin in correct. Is he also right?

Russian President  Vladimir Putin said: I would like to draw your attention to one absolutely key aspect: In line with international law, only the U.N. Security Council can sanction the use of force against a sovereign state. Any other pretext or method which might be used to justify the use of force against an independent sovereign state is inadmissible and can only be interpreted as an aggression.

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Who will govern and control Internet?

According to media reports the US resists control of Internet passing to UN agency.

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U.N. rights chief urges ‘immediate’ international steps to protect Syrians

By Navi Pillay, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights.

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Will the world do something on famine in East Africa?

The experts point out a sustainable solution for the future, but one also doubts a bit the magnitude of the current crisis.

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