Donald Trump as a nominee? Towards a contested GOP convention?

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Nancy Reagan was exceptionally influential as First Lady

R.I.P. Nancy Reagan (1921-2016). How big was her political influence as FLOTUS over Ronald Reagan’s administration? Read few comments.

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Inevitable?: It will be Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump

After Super Tuesday how realistic and why is it to expect that in November it will be Hillary Clinton vesrsus Donald Trump? Read few comments.

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Irregular quote of the day

Lindsay Graham, United States Republican Senator from South Carolina.

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This is the time where primaries matter

With primaries in South Carolina and caucuses in Nevada we are inching toward Super Tuesday. A duel between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is heating up and Donald Trump still leads in many polls. So how do you see the race? Does Sanders have a path to Democratic nomination? How strong is Trumps among the GOP? Read few comments.

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America said Russia about its special forces in Syria. Is it safe?

The United States has told Russia broad areas in which U.S. special forces are operating in Syria and asked them not to strike there. How usual or unusual do you find this move. are Russians to be trusted not to strike, not to share this info with other players in the Syrian conflict? Read few comments.

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Will New Hampshire bury few presidential hopefuls?

After the Iowa caucus who really need to score well in New Hampshire from Dems and GOP, and why? Read few comments.

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