Not a punch thrower: Can Trump afford it?

Donald Trump said: I don’t think I’m going to be throwing punches’ at GOP debate. Sounds a bit strange as his campaign is very much based on throwing punches. So at this stage of the campaign how important on unimportant is for Donald Trump to score good in the upcoming GOP TV debate? Read few comments.

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Will Iran deal influence Ukraine?

Could the Iran deal change, somehow influence American stance towards Ukraine in terms of dealing with Russia as during the negotiation with Iran Moscow has showed that Russia could a reliable partner and FM Lavrov praised the US leadership? Read few comments.

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Is ISIS bigger threat to America than Al-Qaeda?

Do you agree or not, and why, with the FBI statement that the Islamic State’s effort to inspire Americans to violence has become more of a terror threat to the U.S. than an external attack by al-Qaeda as FBI Director James Comey said? Read few comments.

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Obama visits Kenya and Ethiopia. What’s on his agenda

As US President Barack Obama visits Kenya and Ethiopia the usual topics are on the table: trade and investment, security and counter-terrorism, and democracy and human rights. From your point of view, what should be Obama’s focus, what countries like Kenya or Ethiopia need from the US? Read few comments.

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Donald Trump as next US President? Hardly, basically impossible

How would you evaluate Donald Trump’s chances of becoming GOP’s presidential nominee, eventually the American President? Do you see any presidential path for him, or he will probably stay a very visible and loud candidate, but at the end, still just sort of a fringe candidate? Read few comments.

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What’s next for missile defense in Europe after Iran deal

Russian FM Sergey Lavrov said re Iran deal: We all remember when in April 2009 in Prague President Obama said that if the Iranian nuclear issue was settled, there would be no need in creating an air defense system in Europe. Following this my question is: In your opinion, will (should) Iran deal somehow alter missile defense plans in Europe, which are, of course, not just American plans, but NATO’s plans? Read few comments.

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Expert: Puerto Rico’s debt cannot be paid

Puerto Rico’s governor is warning that the island can’t pay its public debt. What impact, if any, the situation of Puerto Rico may have on the US economy, and what to do about Puerto Rico’s economy? Read few comments.

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