Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton. On what is Bernie’s appeal based?

It seems that Bernie Sanders, though for many years serving as independent, might be a tougher nut to crack for Hillary Clinton in Democratic primaries as it was expected. Even Hillary’s camp admits that primaries can go for into late April, May. Why is that so in your opinion, why is Sanders relatively popular? Is it more about the appeal of him and his policies, or more about Hillary “nonappeal”? Or is this a combination of both? Read few comments.

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US-Iran relations: Where are we heading?

It is hardly a coincidence that Iran-US prisoner swap was announced by Tehran on the Implementation Day of JCPOA. In light of this how do you read the US-Iran relations, what both sides are hoping to gain? Read few comments.

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Obama’s last SOTU: What was said and why

What dp o you think about the last SOTU speech of President Barack Obama in the context of his Presidency and why do you think that Obama has said what he said? Read few comments.

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It seems Obamas’s gun control agenda won’t go any further

President Barack Obama have just announced what many call as fairly small changes in terms of gun control. Do you think he will try to push for more (should he try to push for more?) as his mandate is slowly ending and gun control will probably be also a visible topic in presidential campaign? Read few comments.

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Trump’s impact on American politics

Read few comments.

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America’s ambiguous relationship with immigrants?

House passes bill to tighten flow of Syrian refugees and according to Bloomberg poll most Americans oppose Syrian refugee resettlement. How do you read this debate, what does it mean in the context of American politics, society? Read few comments.

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Middle East and the role of external powers

You might perhaps see it differently, but it seems that Russia is back in the Middle East, the US is quite indecisive and the EU lack any visible strategy related to region. Plus with some ongoing conflicts, Sunni-Shia rivalry and in many countries problematic economic prospects, what would be you advice for any external power looking at the Middle East? Read few comments.

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