Is it a symbiosis for the EPP and Orban’s Fidesz?

While not everybody from the EPP is in Hungarian PM Viktor Orban’s camp the leadership of the EPP rarely criticizes Orban. Will Orban stay largely untouchable, is this more about how skillful he is or perhaps the EPP does not care much, or is it basically both? Read few comments.

EPP President Joseph Daul tweeted support for Hungarian PM Viktor Orban. Credit:

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How safe is Orban?

How safe is the position of Fidesz and PM Viktor Orbán basically one week before the elections, what is Orban’s biggest concern at this stage, and why? Read few comments.

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán. Credit:Árpád Kurucz

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What’s next for Poland?

A short interview with Dariusz Kalan, Analyst of International Affairs, Freelance Journalist.

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Giant migrant city in Libya? Really?

As Hungary PM Viktor Orbán suggests giant migrant city in Libya, how this could work. How do you see this idea? Is it just a populist proposal or maybe there is something rational about this? Read few comments.

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Orban: Illegal migration clearly linked with terrorism. Experts: Wait a minute…

Illegal migration clearly linked with terror threat: Hungary PM Orban just said.  Following this statement could you please shortly comment on this? Do you see any real link between migration and terrorism or basically PM Orban statement has very little to do with reality? Read few comments.

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Simicska vs Orban: A political war in Hungary?

Media magnate and former treasurer of Fidesz  Lajos Simicska vows to fight PM Viktor Orban’s rules.

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As Hungary’s PM Orban basically rejected liberal democracy, what is his vision?

Read few comments.

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