What’s next for Ukraine-Russia relations?

What’s next for Russia-Ukraine conflict, do you think that what’s is going on in Azov Sea is somehow a new phase, or not and why? Read few comments.
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Afghanistan: Momentum for peace talks?

Do you think that ISIS activities in Afghanistan may somehow lead to some peace efforts as e. g. this article in The Guardian suggest as ISIS is probably perceived by everybody as enemy? In general, do you see some indications, some change of attitude of any side involved in Afghan conflict that may potentially lead to some realistic peace talks? Read few comments.

Slovak soldiers in Afghanistan. Credit: Andrej Matisak

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Hmm… Macron: Trade wars quickly become war

,,Trade wars quickly become war,” full stop, French President Emmanuelle Macron said. How do you see such statement, as an exaggeration as it is hard to compare past with the situation now, or as an reminder that current tensions might lead to something bigger? Read few comments.

French President Emmanuel Macron. Credit,: http://www.elysee.fr

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Will Western strikes affect Syrian war?

Do you think that strikes in Syria might have some effect to prevent future use of chemical weapons by the regime, do you see any other effects strikes may have? Read few comments.
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Syria strikes: Russia’s retaliation? What retaliation?

Does Russia (or the others, Iran, Assad’s regime) have means, and what kind of means, to retaliate against the West after Syria strikes, is Russia even interested in some kind of visible retaliation? Read few comments.
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Douma attack and what’s next?

Few weeks  ago French President Macron said that France will strike Syria chemical arms sites if used to kill. Now we have Douma and President Trump tweeted about a big price to pay, he was criticizing Putin and Iran for backing Bashar Assad. Would you say that some retaliation against Assad may be on the table? Read few comments.
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Syria: Eastern Ghouta and Russian tricks in the UN

BBC reports that the Western diplomats have accused Russia of stalling for time in the UN regarding Eastern Ghouta. They suspect that Moscow wants to give Syria time to deal a final blow to forces defending the enclave on the edge of Damascus. Would you that it is basically a Russia’s game and it is probably very little others can do about, or not and why? Read few comments.
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