Aum Shinrikyo and the risk of CBRN terrorism

Leaders of the cult Aum Shinrikyo were just executed. How much  we should be worried about CBRN terrorism? Aum Shinrikyo were successful, but it seems that other terrorist organizations do not focus very much on executing similar attack. Or we have been simply lucky so far? Read few comments.

CBRN experts from Germany and the US are practicing decontamination procedures during the 2014 Golden Mask exercise using high mobile decontamination systems. Credit:

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North Korea: If this was a test of hydrogen bomb then what

If North Korea has really conducted a test of hydrogen bomb it is clear violation of UNSC resolution. So why do you think NK was ready to do it and what should be the reaction of international community besides expected condemnations? Read few comments.

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We shouldn’t expect too much from Obama’s nuclear summit

But let’s get not too cynical.  The goal of a nuclear weapons-free world is admirable.

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Karl Rove on George Bush: He didn’t lie about WMD in Iraq

But former chief political adviser to president said Bush probably would not have invaded Iraq had he known there were no WMD there. The title of the new Rove’s book is Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight .

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Saddam Hussain pretended he has somethig up his sleeve

But his full cooperation with the international community would have made the the war in Iraq pretty unlikely. The invasion began five year ago on March 20, 2003. Saddam Hussain pretended he has somethig up his sleeve

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