John le Carré, James Bond and Monty Python: Is Brexit a spy novel or a joke?

According to Guardian John le Carré’s new novel Agent Running in the Field is set amid ‘lunatic’ Brexit intrigue. Do you think that Brexit is a right set up for an espionage novel, and why? Read new comments.

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Brexit, UK Parliament suspension and British politics: What’s next?

As the UK Parliament will be suspended after PM Boris Johnson asked the Queen to use her powers, in your opinion, what does it mean for Brexit and British political scene? Read few comments.

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Northern Ireland and Brexit: Towards a bigger scale violence?

There was the fifth attempt to murder police officers in Northern Ireland so far this year and a police chief has warned that deadlock over Stormont and Brexit is enabling terrorism in Northern Ireland. Do you see some reasons for concerns that a bigger scale violence could return to Northern Ireland? Read few comments.
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Brexit: A high-risk strategy of PM Boris Johnson

PM Boris Johnson’s new Cabinet had a strongly pro-Brexit flavor. In your opinion, what does it mean in terms where Brexit and British political scene are heading? Read few comments.

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What do Trump and Johnson tell us about the current world?

The US President is Donald Trump, UK PM is (soon to be) Boris Johnson. Does is tell us something profound about the current world we live in, and what? Or maybe it is less significant as some observers claim, and why? Read few comments.
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Will the possibility of a no deal Brexit increase with Boris Johnson as British PM?

It seems Boris Johnson is a clear favorite to become a British PM. Do you think that if that happen a chance of the no-deal Brexit scenario will really increase, and what kind of reaction do you expect from the EU? Read few comments.

Boris Johnson. Credit:

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Kim Darroch: Britain cannot permit a foreign government to dictate who is appointed as ambassador

Do you expect Ambassador Kim Darroch will stay as the UK Ambassador to the US after President Donald Trump claimed – We will no longer deal with him. How would you say the UK should/will manage the situation? Red few comments.

UK Ambassador to US Kim Darroch shakes hand with US President Donald Trump celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in 2018. Credit: Twitter of Amb. Kim Darroch,

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