With early election PM May wants a strong mandate for Brexit. Will it work?

PM Theresa May calls early election on June 8. Why now, what does it mean? She seeks a strong mandate for Brexit negotiation but do you think she is going to get one? Read few comments.

PM Theresa May. Credit: https://www.gov.uk

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Brexit: Britain-EU security and defense cooperation will (somehow) continue

Britain is leaving the EU, but of course stays in NATO. But what kind of impact Brexit may have on UK-EU defence and military relations especially taking into account possible deeper EU defence integration? Read few comments.

British and Estonian soldiers. Credit: army.mod.uk

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Will UNITED Kingdom survive Brexit?

Scotland, Northern Ireland but even things like letter from PM Theresa May to Isle of Man pledging to take the island’s interests into account during the Brexit negotiations.UK is the own cosmos of interests regarding Brexit. So will UK survive Brexit as the state or you are worried the unity, and why? Read few comments.

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Brexit negotiations: What are the red lines EU and Britain won’t cross?

UK-EU negotiations must take into the account “gazillion” of issues. But if you look at both sides, where do you see clear red lines for them, is it anything Britain much achieve to avoid being perceived as a total loser, and is it anything like this on the EU side? Read few comments.

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What’s at stake for Paul Nuttall and Jeremy Corbyn in by-elections?

Read few comments.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Credit: www.labour.org.uk

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Credit: http://www.labour.org.uk

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President Trump meets PM May. And where is the EU?

British Prime Minister Theresa May will be the first world leader to meet with US President Donald Trump.

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Brexit? Two years is not a long time for any international treaty negotiation

Access to single market and freedom of movement are often mentioned as points of possible collision but the process will be also extremely complex so looking at possible options UK and the EU have regarding Brexit how much do you think it is realistic or unrealistic to conclude negotiations in two years (unless the European Council grants an extension)? Read few comments.

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