What does the liberation of Mosul mean for the fight with ISIS and for Iraq?

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Iraqi PM Heidar al-Abadi celebrates the liberation of Mosul. Credit: http://www.pmo.iq

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What could be an effect of the new ceasefire in the southwestern Syria?

The new ceasefire was announced in the southwestern Syria after months of undisclosed talks between the US and Russia and after the meeting of US President Donald Trump with his Russia counterpart Vladimir Putin (Secretary Rex Tillerson even said that the aims of both countries  in Syria are exactly the same – but they differed on how they should be achieved). Do you think this initiative has any potential to be important for finding solution for Syrian conflict or perhaps not so much, and why? Read few comments.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump. Credit: http://en.kremlin.ru

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Fight for Raqqa and future of ISIS and Syria

As US-backed Syrian forces launch offensive to retake Raqqa from Isis how important is this step in the broader context of fighting ISIS and what are the biggest obstacles in taking over Raqqa? And What effect may this operation have on the Syrian conflict? Read few comments. Continue reading

What did Syria’s war do to Hezbollah?

What is the most visible impact of Syrian conflict on Hezbollah and how would you shortly assess a position of Hezbollah after 6 years of Syrian conflict, is Hezbollah stronger, weaker or basically the same, and why? Read few comments.

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Iran-Saudi relations: Towards the escalation?

As Saudi Arabia cuts diplomatic ties with Iran after Nimr al-Nimr execution do you think we are heading toward more escalation between Saudi Arabia and Iran and in which form this escalation may happen, or do you think at the end cool heads will prevail on both sides? Read few comments.

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Syria talks: Some progress or just wishful thinking?

Maybe surprisingly, but the powers agreed on transition period that should lead to elections in Syria. Still many uncertainties, but it seem there is a progress. How do you read this, what are the biggest obstacles on the way out of Syrian conflict, maybe also when we take into account what just happened in Paris? Read few comments.

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Middle East and the role of external powers

You might perhaps see it differently, but it seems that Russia is back in the Middle East, the US is quite indecisive and the EU lack any visible strategy related to region. Plus with some ongoing conflicts, Sunni-Shia rivalry and in many countries problematic economic prospects, what would be you advice for any external power looking at the Middle East? Read few comments.

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