Madrid vs Catalonia: What’s next

Catalonia’s regional parliament has started a secession process. How do you see the situation, how will Madrid react? Read few comments.

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Will election in Catalonia (and election in Spain) lead to some compromise?

There is a good chance that the pro-independence parties will win the election in Catalonia. If this really happens where this could lead and how will Madrid react? Read few comments.

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Catalonia plus Scotland: What’s at stake for Madrid

As Spain promises non-interference on Scotland my question is as follow: No matter what was said, how much is Madrid nervous about Scotland in your opinion? Read few comments.

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Catalonia and Scotland in the EU? Hmm…

Herman Van Rompuy just said: The treaties apply to the Member States. If a part of the territory of a Member State ceases to be a part of that state because that territory becomes a new independent state, the treaties will no longer apply to that territory. Following this my question is as follow: Would you say that the fact that there is no clear EU membership perspective could be one of the factors in Scottish independence referendum and maybe also a factor which will influence the Catalonia independence movement?

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Will Spanish social movements reshape country’s political landscape?

Is Spain experiencing the end of two-party system?

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What’s next for Catalonia after the elections

CiU lost some seats, ERC gained – What it means ? Will it strengthen the push for the independence or on the contrary?

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Catalonia: On a collision course with Madrid?

Opinion polls show most Catalans will vote for pro-independence parties as the Catalonian parliamentary election will take place on November, 25.

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