Arab League approves creation of joint military force. But will it really happen?

The Arab League has some plans for unified military force. It is not a new idea, but in the light of the military operation in Yemen what’s your view on this, would you say this could lead to something concrete, could it have some impact on the regional dynamics? Read few comments.

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Germanwings crashed flight: More investigation is needed before definite conclusions

It seems it was a deliberate attempt to crash Germanwings plane by co-pilot Andreas Lubitz. But… Read few comments.

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Your next flight will be safe. But…

According to the Aviation Safety Network there were only 20 fatal crashes of airlines last year, making it the safest year to fly since 1942, when ASN’s dataset starts.

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Justice for Farkhunda. But will it happen in Afghanistan?

After the lynching of innocent woman by mob in Kabul there is a hashtag #JusticeforFarkhunda, there are protests and the Afghan government said it will have to work on measures, and this incident will bring a lot of changes. So from your point of view what changes are necessary to prevent similar violence in the future and how optimistic or pessimistic are you about implementing any changes that could make a difference? Read few comments.

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Is Russia putting nuclear rhetoric on the table?

Russia was ready to put nuclear forces on alert over Crimea, Putin says and according to reports Russia is deploying strategic bombers to Crimea, missiles to Kaliningrad. In the limelight of this events how do you perceive current Russian nuclear policy and should the West somehow react on this? Read few comments.

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What’s next for Israel-US relations?

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is somehow backing away from the pre-election comments that there would be no Palestinian state on his watch, but is seems Israel-US relations (of maybe better to say Obama-Netanyahu relations?) are in a very bad shape with the US even suggesting it may give less support to Israel in the UN.  What is your view on the current state of Israel-US relations taking into account also Iran nuclear talks and (currently not very much existent) peace process? Read few comments.

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Tunisia: Few initial thoughts what was the Bardo attack (probably) about

Attack in Tunisia left at least 21 dead including at least 17 foreign tourists. We do not know much about the attackers, but what do you think the target (museum, tourists) tell us about their intentions? Read few comments.

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