Will New Hampshire bury few presidential hopefuls?

After the Iowa caucus who really need to score well in New Hampshire from Dems and GOP, and why? Read few comments.

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The next UN Secretary-General will be a woman. (My guess)

It seems there is a strong movement towards having a woman as the next UN Secretary General. What do you think about this idea, and in general what should be the characteristics of any good UN Secretary General? Read few comments.

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President Obama makes first visit to US mosque

President Barack Obama has just visited a mosque. How important or unimport do you find this and why? read few comments.

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What do results of Iowa caucus mean?

What do you think about Ted Cruz’s victory in the Iowa caucus and what about the fact the Hillary Clinton was not able to clearly beat Bernie Sanders, though few months ago she was a clear favorite? Read few comments.

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Brexit talks: Both sides are trying to present an image of being tough

If you look at UK-EU negotiations what you see, how would you describe the negotiation tactics and strategy of both sides? Read few comments.

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Migrant crisis and far-right: Tensions and violence rising

We have seen this case when hundreds of masked men marching and reportedly beat migrants in Stockholm. Is it possible the we are moving towards a new phase when extremists will plan quite massive attacks on migrants, and even if not, it seems that the risk of further radicalization of some right-wing groups and perhaps also some cooperation among them is amid migrant crisis quite high, isn’t it? Read few comments.

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Iowa caucus: Important as ever?

On February 1, 2016, the presidential primaries start with the Iowa caucus.

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