Shutdown blues in divided America

How did we get to the shutdown, is it just another sign of deeply divided political scene in the US? Read few comments.

The United S.tates Capitol – the seat of the United States Congress. Credit:

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Donald Trump vs. the world?

What kind of effect, if any, has had one year of Donald Trump in the White House on the world, can we talk now at least about some framework of his strategy beyond slogans like America First and MAGA? Read few comments.

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GroKo: A bitter pill for SPD?

How would you assess the mood in the SPD toward GroKo, will is pass, what are the main objections of those who reject GroKo? Read few comments.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and SPD leader Martin Schulz. Credit:

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Kosovo: What’s next after the murder of Oliver Ivanovic?

What does the murder of Oliver Ivanovic tell us about the current situation in  Kosovo and how this could affect the situation regarding Kosovo-Serbia relations? Read few comments.
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Oprah Winfrey for President? Again?

The question “What if Oprah Winfrey will candidate for President?” is not a new. (I run an article in 2007 about this). But do you think this time is something different, is she somehow an answer to Trump, but if she really is aren’t we then more in the celebrity death match territory than in political territory? (Yes, I have to admit I am a bit sceptical about famous people running for an office, even when we are talking about such accomplished person as Oprah Winfrey). Read few comments.

Oprah Winfrey. Credit:

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Czech presidential elections: Looking for anti-Zeman?

There is a discussion if any Czech presidential candidate is something more than just anti-Zeman. Do you think that anybody who wants to beat Milos Zeman must be something more that just anti-Zeman? Does this debate make even sense when Zeman is such a polarized figure and incumbent so it is basically impossible not to present itself at least a bit as anti-Zeman to beat him? Read few comments.
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How important are North Korea-South Korea Olympics talks?

Do you see any signs that Olympics talks between North Korea and South Korea may lead to something more substantial than just to North Korea’s Olympics participation, in general how important do you find this talks? Read few comments.

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