Possible Grexit: How to leave the Eurozone

How do you see the process of possible Grexit? It might be somehow uncharted territory, but could Greece stay in the EU without being in Eurozone and is it even possible to expel Greece from the Eurozone? Read few comments.

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How much does the Supreme Court decision mirror US public opinion regarding same-sex marriage?

Maybe with the different judges of the Supreme Court also the verdict would be different, and it is the verdict of the court, so based on the legal arguments, but still, how much the decision of the Supreme Court reflects also the changes of attitudes of the US public towards homosexuals? Read few comments.

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Has Tsipras been planning referendum from the beginning or…?

Read few comments.

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Terrorism and ISIS: What’s next after triple attacks?

With attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France it is hard to say the actual extent of IS` control over these operations, but it seems that ISIS` calls for more attacks during Ramadan are quite inspirational. Do you expect more attacks and how to counter it in your opinion? Read few comments.

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EU will relocate the migrants, but on the voluntarily basis

After the decision of the European Council it seems there will be no mandatory quotas for relocating migrants. How do you see this development form the EU perspective and is it also a defeat for PM Matteo Renzi? Read few comments.

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NATO-Russia relations: An escalation?

From the statement by NATO Defence Ministers: Russia is challenging Euro-Atlantic security through military action, coercion and intimidation of its neighbours.

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NATO must stop trying to do more with less

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said ahead of the NATO Defence Ministers meetings: We will take decisions to further increase the strength and the capability of the NATO Response Force. The second decision I expect ministers to make related to how we are increasing the readiness and the responsiveness of our forces, is that we will speed up our political and military decision-making And third, we will set up a new logistics headquarters within the NATO command structure. But Stoltenberg also said: Overall, we expect total NATO defence expenditure to continue to decrease in 2015 by 1.5 percent.

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