What to expect from Democrats in presidential elections 2020?

What does the result of midterms mean for Democrats, what does it mean for their chances to win the White House in 2020? Read few comments.

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Midterm elections: What does the result mean for Trump in 2020?

What does the result of midterms mean for Donald Trump’s presidency, and, (perhaps it is too soon to talk about this) what does it mean for Trump’s chances of being reelected? Read few comments.

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Midterm elections: What if…

Read few comments.

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Midterm elections and foreign interference

As the midterm elections are approaching, do you see some similar signs of foreign influence as in 2016 that might have an effect on the voting, is the US better prepared after 2 years? Read few comments.

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Midterm elections: A referendum on Donald Trump?

To what extent is it possible to describe the midterm elections as referendum on President Donald Trump? Are Dems actively trying to push this narrative, and can this work? Read few comments.

Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States. Credit: https://www.whitehouse.gov/

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Is Jair Bolsonaro a threat to democracy?

Do you think that Jair Bolsonaro is a threat to Brazilian democracy, as many his critics  claim, or not, and why? What will be his political focus internationally, will his victory, maybe indirectly, contribute to the rise of global authoritarianism, as some observers point out? Read few comments.

Brazil’s president-elect Jair Bolsonaro. Credit: https://www.bolsonaro.com.br/s

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What does Czechoslovakia mean for the West?

Do you think there is some message of Czechoslovakia that was established in 1918 that still resonates in the West, means beyond Czech and Slovak Republic? Read few comments. (Of course, we just witnessed some high profile Western visits in the region, and every Embassy is celebrating 100 years of Czechoslovakia and 25 years of diplomatic relations with Czechia and Slovakia).

Credit: Andrej Matišák

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