EU-Turkey migrant summit: Realpolitik in praxis?

Turkey and the EU will meet on Sunday to discuss what both sides will/can do regarding refugee crisis. But in your opinion, how much and how is this discussion at this moments influenced by Paris attacks and also by downed Russian plane? Read few comments.

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What could/should NATO do over Russian plane downed by Turkey?

As Turkey shoots down Russian plane NATO is at least indirectly involved as Turkey is the alliance member. What could/should be role of NATO (if any) in the current situation when probably first all we should find the way how deescalate? Read few comments.

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ISIS and oil: How (un)important is to hit ISIS capabilities of selling oil?

Western and Russian jets are bombing ISIS oil trucks. I would say it is just a small piece of jigsaw when talking about fighting ISIS, but it seems for some politicians it is kinda-sorta magical solution. So in your opinion, how (un)important is to hit ISIS capabilities of selling oil? Read few comments.

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One deep crisis after another. Will EU project survive?

Russia-Ukraine, Grexit, possible Brexit, refugee crisis, Paris attacks… One deep crisis after another. What is the EU’s capacity to make it? Do we have the capacity? Read few comments

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Paris attacks: What it means for Schengen, EU borders and security

Alleged mastermind of Paris attacks Abdelhamid Abaaoud moved to Syria and back, he travelled to Germany, from Belgium to France. If we look at counterterrorism measures do you think that we should also rethink how Schengen free movement zone is working, would you suggest some changes on external and internal borders? Read few comments.

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America’s ambiguous relationship with immigrants?

House passes bill to tighten flow of Syrian refugees and according to Bloomberg poll most Americans oppose Syrian refugee resettlement. How do you read this debate, what does it mean in the context of American politics, society? Read few comments.

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Paris attacks: Will EU fight along with France?

President François Hollande has mentioned Lisbon Treaty article 42.7 an obligation of aid and assistance by all the means in their power to any member that is the victim of armed aggression. Many observers think it is quite unusual. How do you read this, to what kind of EU response could it lead? Read few comments.

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