What to look at in Visegrad Four-Germany relations?

As V4-Germany summit is taking place in Warsaw how do you see V4-Germany relations, what do you think is currently the most important topic of their relations and why? Read few comments.

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Updated Germany’s civil defence strategy: Scaremongering or a logical step?

According to media reports in Germany about updated concept of civil defence some people call it scaremongering. But in general, how do you see the security situation in Europe, how necessary is it to (at least) talk to public about security challenges and about preparations how to meet those challenges? Read few comments.

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Series of bombings in Thailand: What’s going on and who is responsible?

After series of explosions Thai police is talking about local saboteurs. How do you see the situation, who may want to increase tensions in the country, and why? Read few comments.

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Banning burqa as security measure? What do experts think?

A ban on wearing burqa is among security, anti-terrorism measures discussed in Germany after series of attacks. The Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière will not support this though he reject the burqa. What would be your opinion, may burqa ban somehow contribute to fighting terrorism or maybe not much, and why? Read few comments.

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Rio Olympic Games kick off amid political, societal tensions

Would you say the Olympic Games in Rio may have some political, societal impact, and what kind of impact, on the country taking also into account recent political turmoil? Read few comment.

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Rigged elections? What is Trump talking about?

Donald Trump has suggested that presidential election might be rigged if he is not a winner. How unsual is such statement from the presidential nominee, does it tell something about Trump? Read few comments.

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Merkel: We can do this. Seehofer: No, we can’t.

Bavarian Premier Horst Seehofer said: We can do this’ – I cannot, with the best will, adopt this phrase as my own. It is a direct contradiction to Angela Merkel. Do you think we will see more tensions between Merkel and Seehofer, how strong is Merkel’s position after series of attacks in Germany? Read few comments.

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