Mass shootings: What’s wrong with America?

This is a terrible tragedy in Las Vegas and the mass shooting perpetrated by Stephen Paddock  even goes into the saddest chapters of the history books. But some small scale shooting with few people dead or wounded take place in America almost every other week. So maybe my question is too harsh but does America really care about this problem, or maybe not so much and why?
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What’s next for Spain, Catalonia?

Amid the violent scenes and the disputable statement that Catalonia has won the right to statehood how do you see the situation might evolve? Will both sides push this even further or you see a room for calming down the situation? Read few comments.

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Are we approaching conflict in Catalonia?

Or you see this maybe less dramatically, and why? Read few comments.

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The legacy of Hugh Hefner is complicated

A pioneer of sexual revolution and fighter against prejudices or just a successful businessman and probably a sleazy old man. There are som divided views on a late Hugh Hefner. In your opinion, how did he and his Playboy magazine affect America’s society, culture? Read few comments.

Hugh Hefner (1926-2017). Credit:

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North Korea: Where are we heading?

Where  are we heading in relations with NK as basically the escalation seems to be a new normal in the relations with North Korea after tests, sanctions, tweet storms, (non)declaration of war…? Read few comments.
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More of the same?: Germany’s EU politics after the election

It probably won’t be easy to quickly produce a stable governing coalition after the German election. What kind of effect it may have on the EU politics taking into account also the fact that the possible Jamaica coalition might be pretty divided on many issues? Read few comments.
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Brexit: British diplomacy’s charm offensive?

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson just visited Slovakia. He arrives only few days after PM May’s speech in Florence. What do you think is the main aim of British diplomacy after the speech and do you think that speech brought some clarity into the negotiations? Read few comments.

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson with State Secretary Ivan Korcok. Credit:

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