What was Trump’s SOTU address about?

Read few comments. (And a transcript of the address here).

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Trump and migration crisis. What crisis?

President Donald Trump talks about humanitarian and security crisis at the border with Mexico to support his idea of the wall, or steel barrier or something. How would you describe the situation at the border and what kind of measures it requires in your opinion? Read few comments.
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116th United States Congress: Trump vs Democrats?

The time for accountability has arrived, Democrats say as they will control the House. Do you think Dems will simply try to make the life of President Donald Trump as miserable as they can and do their voters expect this, or on some issues they might try also a conciliatory approach?  Read few comments.

United States Capitol. Credit: Andrej Matisak

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Simply, Trump and Mattis have two different visions of the US role in the world

As Secretary Jim Mattis resigned it seems no “adults” left in the Trump’s administration. What does it mean for Trump’s Presidency? (I have to say that in my opinion the whole concept – adults will correct Trump – was flawed from the beginning). Read few comments.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. Credit: https://dod.defense.gov/

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Flynn, Trump and the state of American politics

From decorated soldier to convict. What would you say the case of Michael Flynn says us about the state of American politics in the age of Donald Trump? (Interestingly, Trump still defends Flynn, unlike Michael Cohen). Read few comments.

Official DIA portrait of Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn

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President George H. W. Bush and the end of the Cold War

How would you assess the ability of President George H. W. Bush to help to navigate the world (and my region) during uneasy times of change from communist regimes to democracy? Do we still feel his decisions? Read few comments.

Vicepresident George H. W. Bush with President Ronald Reagan. Credit: https://www.bush41.org/

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RIP President George H. W. Bush. What is his legacy?

How would you assess political legacy of President Bush, what from what he had done still resonate (should resonate) in American politics? Read few comments.

President George H. W. Bush (1924 – 2018). Credit: https://www.bush41.org/

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