RIP John McCain

Maverick, conservative, foreign policy hawk. Politician from the times (though I am not sure if those really existed) when politics was more civilized. What was Senator John McCain’s political star hour (2000 campaign?) and what about his most problematic decision (Sarah Palin?) and what those things say us about his political legacy? Read few comments.

John McCain (1936 – 2018)

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Manafort, Cohen and probably to be continued. Can Trump escape this unscathed?

While Donald Trump probably pushed all norms of what is “normal” for the US President did two courtroom dramas of Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen just create probably the worst day of his Presidency as with Cohen’s case his former lawyer claims that Trump (a candidate for federal office as legal papers say) directed him to make payments that violated campaign finance laws? It is hard to imagine that Trump can escape this totally unscathed. What effect it might have on his Presidency? Read few comments.

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Blue wave?: What can Democrats hope for?

Everybody was watching race for the seat in Ohio’s 12th District and Dems lead generic congressional vote. So how would you assess their chances to win the House, maybe the Senate, do we have any indications if President Donald Trump hurts GOP or helps them, or is it perhaps both? Red few comments.
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Does Ivanka Trump have some political ambitions?

As Ivanka Trump is shutting down her fashion brand she said that her focus for the foreseeable future will be the work she is doing in Washington. But in fact, what is she doing in Washington, how would you assess this? And would you say she might also have some political ambitions? Read few comments.

Ivanka Trump. Credit: Vadon

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Separation of migrant children: Bad on every level

Some people say it is un-American, even FLOTUS said that she hates to see children separated from their families. What do you think about and how do read a controversial policy of Trump administration that splits up families who enter the USA non-legally? Read few comments.
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Trump and FBI’s “spying”: A distraction?

The US Department of Justice will investigate whether FBI spied on President Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign for inappropriate purposes. Is it somehow a twist in Trump-Russia saga, any indication that something inappropriate happened, or is it more or less just another distraction Trump is using? Read few comment.

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Barbara Bush was an American original

Barbara Bush just passed away, how would you assess her influence over Bush political dynasty and maybe also over American society and politics? Read few comments.

RIP Barbara Bush (1925-2018). Credit:

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