Will China use force against Taiwan?

Unification is the goal and force is an option, Xi Jinping says of Taiwan. Do you think that Beijing may really (under some circumstances) seriously consider the use of force against Taiwan or not, and why? Read few comments.

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Does somebody care about Uyghurs?

China says claims 1 million Uyghurs imprisoned in camps  are completely untrue. Beijing repeatedly claims it is only fighting against Islamic extremism. But China was criticized for this by UN human rights committee. How do you assess the credibility of this report, and do you think that China should be more openly criticized for dealing with Uyghurs minority? Read few comments.
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US-China: From trade conflict to real one?

Do you think that current more or less tit-for-tat tariffs steps between the US and China might also have clear consequences for political, security Washington-Beijing relations, any worries that we could move from trade escalation to wider political conflict, or not and why?  Read few comments.
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Xi Jinping: Grabbing power possibly for life cannot but be dangerous

There is proposal of China’s Communist to remove a constitutional clause limiting presidential service to just two terms in office. Is this “Xi Forever” change (or Xi a least for a long time) and what does it tell us about the current Chinese politics? Read few comments.

President Xi Jinping: Credit: http://english.gov.cn/

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Let’s talk about human rights with China

Chinese media commend Theresa May for ‘sidestepping’ human rights. How important is for China that the PM of important country like the UK is mute regarding human rights, should human rights be mentioned during such visit, and I am not talking just about May but basically about any high profile Western politicians? Read few comments.

Portrait of Mao Zedong at the Tiananmen gate. Credit: Andrej Matisak

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Will the next conflict be between big powers?

While for few years ISIS as non-state actor stole a lot of attention the topic of global competition is noticeable in the Donald Trump’s National Security Strategy. How do you see this theme, maybe even trend, of competition among nations, any reasons for worries that competition may lead to conflict? Read few comments.

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Expectations are high for Trump’s first Asia visit. But…

A lot is eclipsed by the North Korea nuclear program but as President Donald Trump prepares for his first trip to Asia how (un)clear are the priorities of his administration in this region, what are/should be those priorities? Read few comments.

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