SOTEU: Juncker and his vision

Read few initial thoughts on the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker’s annual speech on the State of the European Union at the European Parliament.

Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the EC, delivered State of the Union Address 2017. Credit:

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Slovakia and Hungary lost the case against refugee quotas. What does it mean?

As probably expected Slovakia and Hungary lost the challenge against the provisional mechanism for the mandatory relocation. What is your view on the verdict and maybe if there are some legal instruments how to push Slovakia and Hungary to accept this and to take asylum seekers. Read few comments.

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Will German-Franco engine change the EU (again)?

It seems that German-Franco engine will try to move the EU towards a deeper integration after the German elections in areas like fiscal issues, defense, others. Do you agree or do you see some real obstacles to it? Read few comments.

Chancellor Angela Merkel in conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron Credit:

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Can a new pro-EU party change Brexit?

Do you think that a new pro-EU political party has some chance to succeed or at least to stir the British political scéne or not, and why? Read few comments.
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EU refugee quotas: Any lessons learned?

While we probably need some burden sharing system regarding refugees what are the lessons learned from this relative failure of migrant quotas for the future of solving refugee crisis and changing the EU asylum system? Read few comments.

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What’s next for Poland?

A short interview with Dariusz Kalan, Analyst of International Affairs, Freelance Journalist.

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Will/should the EU do militarily something more in Africa?

While talking about EU defence, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, but also many others, said Europe had a keen interest in stabilizing Africa: As Europeans, we want a coordinated approach there. But should the EU, Europeans really step up the military role in Africa, military wise what can we realistically do in Africa? Read few comments. Continue reading