What do Boris Johnson and David Davis’ resignations mean for PM May and Brexit?

What do the resignations of Ministers Boris Johnson and David Davis mean for PM Theresa May domestically and what does it mean for Brexit negotiations with the EU? Read few comments.

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EU and migration: Is it an acute problem?

It seems that the EU states are focusing on stopping migrants from reaching out Europe. But is this really an acute problem, or not, and why? Should focus be on people who are already in Europe? Read few comments.
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Italy’s Five Star Movement and League government: How might the EU react?

It seems that Italy might have Five Star-Lega government at the end and no doubt many in Europe will be worried about this populist-far right prospect. If such government really happens do you think that the basic approach of the EU and member states will be acceptation of the situation and collaboration with Five Star and Lega or do you expect also some real tensions? Read few comments.

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EU budget and rule of law: Opportunities and risks

EU commission says it will cut funds for member states that undermine rule of law. This is still just a proposal but how would you assess the approach, is this needed, what positive and what negative it could bring into the debate about the EU future? Read few comments.

Justice Commissioner Věra Jourová: European taxpayers’ money cannot be used in a member state that doesn’t respect the rule of law. Credit: https://ec.europa.eu

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Macron has a tough road ahead

French President Emmanuel Macron is in the office almost for one year. How do you assess Macron’s ability to reform the EU? Macron showed some concerns for the EU future as he just said in Strasbourg that in these difficult times, the European democracy is our best chance and that we see authoritarians all around us, and the answer is not authoritarian democracy. Read few comments.

French President Emmanuel Macron. Credit: http://www.elysee.fr

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Is it a symbiosis for the EPP and Orban’s Fidesz?

While not everybody from the EPP is in Hungarian PM Viktor Orban’s camp the leadership of the EPP rarely criticizes Orban. Will Orban stay largely untouchable, is this more about how skillful he is or perhaps the EPP does not care much, or is it basically both? Read few comments.

EPP President Joseph Daul tweeted support for Hungarian PM Viktor Orban. Credit: http://www.epp.eu

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Merkel’s legacy: What does she want?

This is almost for sure the last term (some observers even claim that probably not a full term) for Chancellor Angela Merkel. In your opinion, what kind of legacy she would like to see at the end of her last term, what is she willing to do for her own legacy? Read few comments.

Chancellor Angela Merkel. Credit: https://www.bundeskanzlerin.de

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