Syria strikes: Russia’s retaliation? What retaliation?

Does Russia (or the others, Iran, Assad’s regime) have means, and what kind of means, to retaliate against the West after Syria strikes, is Russia even interested in some kind of visible retaliation? Read few comments.
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Douma attack and what’s next?

Few weeks  ago French President Macron said that France will strike Syria chemical arms sites if used to kill. Now we have Douma and President Trump tweeted about a big price to pay, he was criticizing Putin and Iran for backing Bashar Assad. Would you say that some retaliation against Assad may be on the table? Read few comments.
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Skripal case: Short interview with Dan Kaszeta

Dan Kaszeta is the founder and managing director of Strongpoint with 25 years experience in CBRN response, security, and antiterrorism.

Dan Kaszeta’s book – CBRN and Hazmat Incidents at Major Public Events: Planning and Response

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Russia’s maskirovka and crocodile tears over Skripal?

Russian foreign ministry statement re Sergei Skripal case: An analysis of all the circumstances … leads us to think of the possible involvement in it (the poisoning) of the British intelligence services, If convincing evidence to the contrary is not presented to the Russian side we will consider that we are dealing with an attempt on the lives of our citizens as a result of a massive political provocation. How do you read this Russian statement, basically Moscow tactics probably will be muddying the waters plus reaction on their diplomats expulsion plus some kind of escalation? Read few comments.
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Putin won: What’s next for the West-Russia relations?

Annexation a of Crimea, aggression against Ukraine, now the Novichok case. But still, this is a new term for President Vladimir Putin as he won the elections. Do you think that the West should try some new opening or at least something new towards Russia or basically not much can be done regarding the West-Russia relations? Read few comments.

A meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump took place on the sidelines of the G20 summit in July. Credit:

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What comes after Putin? More of him?

If Russian constitution stays unchanged the next presidential term will be probably the last one for Vladimir Putin. He cannot continue as President after 2024 and he is also getting older. Is Putin looking for successor (who could it be?) is it going to be a factor influencing the regime behavior, what kind of effect it may have? Read few comments.

Russian President Vladimir Putin. Credit:

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Sergei Skripal’s case: What to do and who’s to blame?

We do not know all the details, but PM Theresa May said that it is highly likely Russia is behind attack on Mr. Sergei Skripal. It is not the first case related to Russia, the most infamous is the murder of Mr. Alexander Litvinenko. From what we know do you think that the trace really leads to Russia and what should the UK (and perhaps also the allies) do about this? Read few comments.
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