Is Jair Bolsonaro a threat to democracy?

Do you think that Jair Bolsonaro is a threat to Brazilian democracy, as many his critics  claim, or not, and why? What will be his political focus internationally, will his victory, maybe indirectly, contribute to the rise of global authoritarianism, as some observers point out? Read few comments.

Brazil’s president-elect Jair Bolsonaro. Credit:

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What does Czechoslovakia mean for the West?

Do you think there is some message of Czechoslovakia that was established in 1918 that still resonates in the West, means beyond Czech and Slovak Republic? Read few comments. (Of course, we just witnessed some high profile Western visits in the region, and every Embassy is celebrating 100 years of Czechoslovakia and 25 years of diplomatic relations with Czechia and Slovakia).

Credit: Andrej Matišák

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What to expect in the post-Merkel era?

As Chancellor Angela Merkel is ready to step down in 2021, what does it mean for German politics, and what for European politics? Read few comments.

Chancellor Angela Merkel. Credit:

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Divided States of America?

As somebody is sending explosive devices to politicians and public figures, what effect it might have on American politics? Another step towards political civil war, if I can use this phrase, or an opportunity to calm down the situation? Read few comments.

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Trump’s INF withdrawal move: Unwise mistake which might translate into a more chaotic situation

What would the US out of the INF Treaty mean for European, transatlantic security, what what be your biggest concern here? Read few comments.

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ASEM: What connects and what divides Europe and Asia

The upcoming 12th ASEM will focus on the theme Europe and Asia: Global Partners for Global Challenges. While ASEM forum is probably too broad to achieve something substantial, in general, what challenges connect Europe and Asia these days, and what does divide Europe and Asia? Read few comments.

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What has changed in the EU migration debate?

At the EU summit in June leaders agreed on exploring a concept of regional disembarkation platforms outside of the EU and controlled centres set up in Member States. On Thursday EU summit should discuss the issue of migration and there will be a report on progress. But what progress from June, it seems MSs are not very keen on implementing June’s conclusions. Would you say that something has changed in the EU regarding the migration debate? Read few comments.
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